paris in june, 2005
photographs by jean sirius

img_2367 img_4610 img_2372 img_2455 img_4244 img_4245
jeans story in the métro black mannequin daisy sheep backbite wrestling fbi
img_4564 img_2632 img_3114 img_3124 img_2422 img_2731
drill team god is power purple window action figures mannequins girl mannequin
img_3829 img_2411 img_2716 img_3161 img_3102 img_2193
non stencil stencil stars amour play as a child
img_3098 img_4383 img_2421 img_4832 img_2473 img_2977
smooth & fresh tile pixel art tile pixel art uncle ben ni dieu daniel ellsberg
img_2335 img_2340 img_2752 img_2202 img_4131 img_3858
cowboy boots buffalo bill roadrunner chateau de pez salt and pepper doorknob
img_4407 img_3148 img_3166 img_3232 img_2197 img_3695
the seine chairs marble feet tomb les frigos cynthia & michelle
img_3289 img_3712 img_3715 img_3718 img_3740 img_3818
michelle & cynthia cynthia enjoys her milkshake cynthia's shoes
img_2803 img_2826 img_4241 img_3983 img_4454 img_2209
kitchen view studio view tour st. jacques cité de la musique olympic lights père lachaise
img_2235 img_4742 img_2401 img_3836 img_2187 img_3926
grief angel mother nature musée rodin shop window sirius

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