london july, 2005
photographs by jean sirius

img_5942 img_5997 img_5993 img_5994 img_6074 img_6006
train spider at night card wall rainbow cup butterfly impaled
img_6080 img_6081 img_6562 img_6127 img_6136 img_6151
front walk front yard the thames photo op pookmarket st. paul's
img_6157 img_6139 img_6556 img_6479 img_6175 img_6191
bars london pride lift that bale familiar bums thames walk big ben
img_6193 img_6485 img_6480 img_6520 img_6493 img_6382
parliament neon deco screen fence architecture awning
img_6434 img_6488 img_6549 img_6553 img_6461 img_6541
globe fence tube stairs weeds hungerford footbridge painted pub door, chinatown
img_6333 img_6568 img_6545 img_6559 img_6563 img_6504
fashion tunnel brick arches graffiti and tunnel killuminati anti climb
img_6161 img_6160 img_6411 img_6393 img_6600 img_6351
tourist info it happened anyway tight arse tuesdays mixed blessings wash no access
img_6447 img_6369 img_6579 img_6582 img_6584 img_6585
photo op swans two trees benches path thistle

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