july in france, 2005
photographs by jean sirius

img_4966 img_5168 img_5150 img_4961 img_5289 img_5343
juliette's ceiling oscar wilde clara peabody party at juliette's cynthia enjoys
img_5362 img_5374 img_5020 img_5029 img_5075 img_5453
her milkshake hells angels strike jewelry store content free
img_5458 img_5037 img_5460 img_5401 img_5404 img_5420
nipples action figures seating the seine notre dame the seine
img_5441 img_5443 img_5462 img_5485 img_5536 img_5609
ferris wheel ferris wheel gare montparnasse kansas not sad didgeridoo
img_5645 img_5671 img_5700 img_5703 img_5710 img_5898
happiness cobbles madonnas more madonnas sunset passage interdit

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